The Vinooxygen® technology allows to maintain 35% more aromas, obtaining a wine of superior quality and completely organic.

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What is it exactly?

Vinooxygen® is a vinificator, which allows you to conclude the production process of winemaking without the need to decant the wine.
The must remains to ferment in the same tank right from the pressing of the grapes (or from the drawing off for red wines) until bottling, and cleaned thanks to this technology from winemaking waste

How does it work?

The solid parts are automatically conveyed into a second small tank, which can be separated at any time from the main tank by means of a particular timing of the cleaning cycle of the Vinooxygen® system, programmed through the experience of oenologists during several years of experimentation. In this way, whenever it is necessary to make a racking, just move and clean a volume of a few tens of liters instead of decanting all the wine.
Vinooxygen® is designed to reduce:

  • Vinification times;
  • Use of sulphites;
  •  Production costs.

Vinification method

The tank allows fermentation, clarification and protein and tartaric stabilization to be carried out, eliminating the solid parts collected whenever necessary.
The Vinooxygen® tank can be controlled in temperature and can be customized on customer request up to 300 hectoliters.

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