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Since 40 years, a soul made of steel.

InoxFriuli is, since more than 40 years, a company that specialises in the production of high quality stainless steel for wine, food and industrial sector.

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Our long story has been forged through the years by constant devotion to high quality, artisanal perfection and technological advancements to bring our clients the best possible products.

Our design and realisation approach can be seen as the work of a tailor that sculpts his suits to perfectly fit the needs of his customers.

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Food sector



The production

The experience we have here at Inox Friuli is at the service of the client to gather all the necessary information in order to turn an idea into a specific reality.
Our projects are obviously designed with specific instructions from our clients and aim to accomplish exactly the plan that our clients had in mind in order to fulfill their specific and sometimes unique requests.



Inoxfriuli s.r.l.

Via Crosade, 63
33040 - Ronchis di Faedis (UD) - Italia
Tel. +39 0432 728381 - 728696
Fax +39 0432 728602

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