Experience and reliability at the service of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Experience and reliability

The high quality of our customized production of mixers for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries has spread within the sector markets, reaching the attention of the most demanding customers who contact us for our experience and reliability.

The mixing machine allows the temperature and consistency of the product mass to be kept constant and is particularly suitable for the in-line mixing process.
Our mixers are designed and manufactured in compliance with current regulations to increase the efficiency and control of the numerous processes in the food and chemical industries and are characterized, among other things, by their ease of cleaning and durability.

Inox Friuli is now able to offer products and solutions with technological features that comply with the Industry 4.0 legislation and the concept of “smart factory”, that is, we create the modern cellar with advanced technologies for the control of the production process.

Mixer tanks from 1 to 600hl

We introduce one of many mixers designed and produced by Inox Friuli in accordance with the current regulations to increase the performances and the control of the numerous processes of the food and chemical industries.


Weighting system


Thermo-regulated and insulated shell


Gearmotor with central shaft and adjustable mixing palettes


CIP cleaning system with double cleaning spheres

Business Sector


Food sector





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