Green Technology

Green Technology

InoxFriuli wants to contribute to a sustainable and green world, realizing a patent for a stand alone product.

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Sustainability for a better world

Inox Friuli wants to contribute to a sustainable and green world, by creating a patent for a stand alone product, thanks to which we contribute to the production of desalinated drinking water using solar energy.

A zero-impact system with the ambition of contributing to the reduction of the problem of the increasing scarcity of drinking water and that destined for irrigation.

A new path undertaken thanks to partners who are experts in the field.

We combine a sweet soul with that of steel by creating a partnership oriented towards the production of a plant on a human scale by providing a low-cost solution to the problem of transforming brackish water into drinking water where there are no systems for purification. A solar idea that exploits the knowledge of nature combined with ours, to give a concrete answer to those who want to become autonomous in the production of the most precious asset we have: water.

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