A 40 year long history

InoxFriuliis,since 40 years, a company specialised on the productive process in the processing of stainless steel for the food, oenological and industrial sector.

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Our long story has been forged through the years by constant devotion to high quality, artisanal perfection and technological advancements to bring our clients the best possible products.

Our design and realisation approach can be seen as the work of a tailor that sculpts his suits to perfectly fit the needs of his customers.

High quality

Passione e ascolto


Refining stainless steel,transforming it into tailor made products, has always been our mission.
The objectives for quality that we have given ourselves, make us a company that strives for perfection.
To achieve this perfection we have focused on:

  • The attention to detail in the processing of stainless steel as a synonym for excellence.
  • The use of excellent raw materials;
  • Investment in innovation and technology that unites the craftsmanship with industrial production in our products.
  • Listening closely to our clients and jointly designing personalised solutions. Every project is developed internally by our designers and then passed on to our skilled welders, which implement quickly the ideas our clients communicated to us in the first place.

Every single one of our products, crafted with outstanding passion, exhibit all the traits to distinguish them from the run of the mill industrial tanks.
These are the three factor that make our know how unique:

  • The constant exchange with our clients puts us in the position to create unique and tailor made products that satisfy our client’s needs.
  • The oenological tradition of Friuli Venezia Giulia; the invisible knowledge that in infused in everything we do and makes us be proud of the products we create.
  • The experience of our employees in working with stainless steel in every possible sector. This knowledge is of immense value and cannot be replicated by any automated process.

We always look at the future with optimism, taking on every challenge with determination we have gained in knowing that our teams work in perfect unison in order to produce the best solutions for our clients.

Our knowledge is an added value that makes InoxFriuli unique as a company and is infused in every product we create for our clients. Our team is more than glad to assist our clients and provide specific consultation in every project we approach. In this way we efficiently and quickly identify the best solutions for our clients.

This approach is what gives us the possibility to constantly strive for perfection and deliver constantly a tailor made solution to our clients to fulfil their expectations for our service.

Our clients include many prestigious companies in the food, oenological and chemical sector, and we are by their side every step of the way in the creation of our tailor made solutions.



In this phase we map out the entire process, defining meticulously all the strategies necessary to reach the goal that our client has set us in order to reach the ultimate goal: the satisfaction of our clients.


We always work with top raw materials

Picking our suppliers carefully is the first step to producing an excellent product. Trusting our suppliers to deliver always top raw materials is the fundament to producing an exceptional product.


Cutting, folding and calendering

Our mechanical carpenting are all made on site in our factory thanks to top of the line equipment and highly skill staff.


Automatic and manual welding

The welding of our products is made with highly technological machinery in the rough stages and fenced by hand by our skilled craftsman to give the final personal touches to our products.


Installing of sensors and IOT panels

We install components and system parts that are completely digitised and interconnected for the purpose of controlling the productive process based o the requests of the client.


Finishing and testing of the machine

The last touches are about the cleaning of the welding with specific detergents in order to eliminate the protective fins and coolants that are used in the productive reprocess.


Final quality control

The final control of the quality of the execution of the product is made by highly skilled personnel. Only after a close inspection the product is defined as ready to be shipped to the customer.


Final delivery to the customer

The final delivery to the customer is completed with our own fleet of vehicles or through our trusted partners in order to meet all the expectations of our customers.


Business Sector


Food sector





Inoxfriuli s.r.l.

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