Tailor Made Products

The experience of InoxFriuli is at full disposal of our clients, so that we can gather all the information necessary to bring an idea to reality.

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Bespoke design

Our design is made to measure, starting from a simple drawing on paper and evolving in its natural steps, to meet the peculiar, and often unique, needs of those who decide to rely on our professionalism.

This allows us to constantly design and develop new solutions in collaboration with our partners and our customers, making them able to stand out in the market for the ability to innovate and improve their products without forgetting the advantage of optimizing their production processes.

We design digital control panels and dedicated software that are the natural evolution of our creations and we make them available to those who need total control of the manufacturing processes of their products. Our production process is based on the need to find solutions for customers, thanks to our ideas and our designers.

Business Sector


Food sector



Handcrafted realization

The realization of Inox Friuli products takes place thanks to the value and experience of the human capital that we have in the company and which is linked to the way of operating of the artisan tradition. We wanted to distinguish all our creations with an internal mirror polishing that guarantees a high hygienic quality standard.

In addition, through design combined with creativity, we give customers the opportunity to look beyond the steel walls to personally admire what happens inside our products with targeted windows.

We make it possible, therefore, to observe the various phases of the creation of customers’ products, allowing them to establish a continuous visual relationship.



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