The Ganimede® Method takes from Nature the immense energy potential given by fermentation, to transform it into the best wine, through a natural, economical, simple and effective process.

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Natural innovation

The innovation of Metodo Ganimede® is based on the funnel-shaped diaphragm placed inside the fermenter to create a cavity in which the enormous natural mass of fermentation gas accumulates spontaneously until it overflows in large bubbles through the neck of the funnel , stirring constantly and delicately the cap of marc which, in this way, remains shelled and wet by the must, releasing many more noble substances than a traditional system.

The advantages

  • Production cost per liter lower than all existing systems;
  • Quality improvement
  • It allows the complete elimination of grape seeds, ensuring, even in difficult years, the production of wines with soft and velvety tannins;
  • Versatility and Scientific Management of the entire process;
  • Sfruttamento del 100% degli acini durante la macerazione- fermentazione;
  • Utilization of 100% of the grapes during maceration-fermentation;
  • Variable capacity storage tank;
  • Reduction or elimination of sulphites during the winemaking phases;
  • Completely eco-friendly.

Ganimede Vinificator 75hl

Metodo Ganimede allows the effective and selective extraction of the anthocyans and polyphenols with no mechanical violent action which might extrct herbaceous and bitter and astringent tastings.
The cap of marc is thoroughly stirred. There’s no preferential channels


Total drain valve


Racking valve


Rectangular door flush with the bottom


Elliptical inspection hatch


Electrical control panel on the machine


Pneumatic bypass valve


Thermoregulation jacket


Introduction of exogenous technical gases

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